Emergency Contact Number: 443-917-1642

(for authorized agencies to request assistance only. If you have an emergency, call 911!)


Maryland Search and Rescue (MSAR) is a volunteer, non-profit, Wilderness Search and Rescue team based out of Howard County, Maryland.

We provide all-weather search and rescue services for lost persons and downed aircraft incidents throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We are dispatched to emergencies through local, state and federal authorities. If you have a search emergency, contact 911!

MSAR offers the following capabilities to authorized agencies:

  • Professional assistance during Search and Rescue emergencies and disasters
  • Ground Searchers
  • Wilderness Rescue/Evacuation Specialists
  • Search Managers
  • Tracking and Signcutting
  • Lost Person Behavior Instruction

MSAR never charges law enforcement agencies, government organizations, or lost persons for any of our emergency services. We are 100% volunteer, non-profit, and do not charge for search or rescue services.

MSAR Mission Statement:

To search for the missing, treat the injured, rescue those in peril, and provide training and education, in support of — and in collaboration with — public safety agencies and other outdoor interest groups in the Mid-Atlantic wilderness.