Welcome to Maryland Search and Rescue’s first blog entry.

As I started my day today, I looked over SAR related Tweets and came across a few from @SARInnovations. While I am not familiar with the company (yet), they are a local Maryland business, and it is likely that I have run across the founder, Brian Wagner, in the field or in training.

Brian makes a good point about the importance of documenting your SAR training.  I have been Volunteering with Maryland Search and Rescue for 15 years, and I wish I had kept better records.  Like in other professional realms if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.

Whether you are looking to get into SAR or if you have been involved for years… do yourself a favor, document and track your trainings and experience.  Do not rely on others to do it for you!

Hold on to (and make a digital copy of)…

  • Training records
  • Task assignment forms
  • Certificates
  • Skill check off sheets
  • Awards
  • Training handouts
  • Descriptions of attended trainings
  • Training calendars
  • Notes on SAR missions
  • A list of people who can vouch for you

The further you go in SAR, the more proof you need.

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