What to expect at your first meeting?

Maryland Search and Rescue meets in the fellowship hall (Boxed in red) of Mt. Zion United Methodist Church 12430 Scaggsville Rd, Highland, MD 20777.

There are two ways into the Fellowship hall (circled in yellow)

  • Go though the double wooden doors found in middle of the building. Go though the wooden doors and walk down the set of stairs. The double doors to the fellowship hall will be on your right.
  • Walk down the sidewalk to the covered entryway (this door may be locked seasonally).

Meetings start at 7:00 PM and end at 9:00. The first half of the meeting is for business and the second half is training. During the business portion of the meeting, we will discuss recent and upcoming events such as training weekends, fundraisers and searches. The training portion of the meeting may be in the fellowship hall or somewhere on the grounds of the church (either way check in at the fellowship hall there will be someone there).

During the meeting it is customary to recognize any new visitors. You may be asked to give your name, where you work or go to school, how you heard of MSAR, why you are interested in SAR, who your favorite muppet is, etc. If you prefer, you can have someone introduce you to the group (just be sure you talk to someone before the meeting).

Tips for new members:

  • Bring a friend or family member with you
  • Seek out a Search Sim (Simulation) to see what MSAR is all about
  • Talk to multiple members about their experiences and interests (each member does SAR for a different reason)
  • Join us for the next training weekend
  • Borrow gear or get suggestions about what to purchase for MSAR events
  • Don’t be intimidated, we all made it past our first meeting
  • Find the right SAR team for you – If MSAR is not the right fit… ask about other local teams
  • Follow the MSAR twitter @MarylandSAR account for updates about meeting cancellations or changes (We try to follow the Howard County Schools emergency weather closures)
  • Ask about other people who have joined recently and become training partners
  • Find out ways for you to get more involved
  • If you plan on purchasing gear, talk to multiple members about options

At the end of the meeting be sure to get the paperwork necessary in order to join. As you fill out the paperwork take a chance to talk with members and ask questions!

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2 Responses to What to expect at your first meeting?

  1. Jo says:

    coordinates please

  2. msar616 says:

    These will get you right out front of the building…

    Lat/Lon : 39°10’02.6184″N 76°56’39.5196″W (39.167394, -76.944311)

    NAD83 – 850419.92 E 4343193.13 N

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