Ten Essentials

Ten Essentials

There are many 10 essential lists. Each outdoor company, outdoor group, camp, etc. has developed their own version. If you are unsure, do research into your desired activity and create a reasonable list of items you should bring with you into the wilderness.

1. Map

2. Compass

3. Sun protection (sunglasses/sunscreen)

4. Food

5. Water

6. Clothing – and extra clothes (appropriate for possible weather conditions)

7. Headlamp and/or flashlight (don’t forget to check your batteries)

8. First Aid kit

9. Fire starter – lighter, matches, magnesium bar, etc.

10. Knife

The 10 essentials can vary and may require additional items depending on circumstances: for whitewater rafting, bring a personal flotation device; for a diabetic or a person with a cardiac problem, bring your personal medications; for deep powder, bring snowshoes.

Before you go out… Make sure you are familiar with the tools you bring and think about what you might need for your planned trip and beyond!

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