Search and Rescue (SAR) involves locating and evacuating persons who are trapped, lost and/or injured. MSAR specializes in wilderness SAR, however, we conduct our search and rescue activities in areas ranging from cities to rugged and less-populated rural areas.

There are no requirements to join, but our members will receive specialized training in both searching – how to locate those in distress, as well as rescue training – how to retrieve, treat and deliver them to safety.  Depending on your interests you will develop skills in areas such as:

  • search management
  • wilderness medicine
  • land navigation
  • leave no trace
  • search and tracking techniques
  • land/air evacuation
  • wilderness survival
  • emergency incident management

Maryland Search and Rescue is a SAR team with roots dating back to 1981.  We are a part of several larger search and rescue groups, such as the Appalachian Search and Rescue Conference (ASRC).

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 There are 3 main training levels for field searchers: Call-Out Qualified, Field Team Member, and Field Team Leader.  New members can participate in trainings and activities, but must show a competency and skill level to become Call-Out Qualified to go on searches.
Training Levels Estimated time to train to level Search Qualification
New/Boot 0 No
Call-Out Qualified 3+ months Can be on SAR team
Field Team Member 1-2 years Can be on SAR team
Field Team Leader 3 years + (must be over 18) Leads SAR teams